By Frank Chadwick

House 1889: * go with the flow stately canals of Mars. Escort caravans during the wilderness domain names of the steppe nomads. struggle the winged warriors and the cloud ships of the Martian Sky Lords. * adopt a mystery challenge for the crown on Venus. Elude the brokers of the Kaiser; steer clear of seize by means of the German conflict zeppelins; live on the steaming, Venusian swamps, with their savage amphibious natives and substantial dinosaurs. * discover the mysterious caverns and grottos of Luna. enterprise deep into the darkish inside looking for the Selenites.

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You may end up with a description like this: "As you ride down the road, you come to a grizzled, old farmer in dusty work clothes leaning against the sagging rail fence that surrounds his field. He must be resting after hard work, because he gives off the strong smell of sweat. He shows no sign of interest or welcome as you approach. " Usually you will want to make up the appearance of NPCs yourself with some specific image or mood in mind. Also, the appearance of some NPCs will be dictated by their occupation.

Close Combat skill and morale are determined by placing the character in one of five experience categories: G r e e n , Trained, E x p e r i e n c e d , Veteran, and Elite. Close Combat skills range from 1 to 5 and morale from 7 to 11 (respectively). This is repeated on the NPC Chart at the back of the book. Finally, remember that none of the above is meant to limit your freedom of action. These are suggestions as to quick and easy ways of determining skills and attributes of NPCs. If your adventure plot calls for an accountant with a Strength of 6 and an Endurance of 5 whose hobby is the study of physics and the ancient stone carvings of the proto-Martians, well fine.

The skill which influences this is Eloquence, and the attribute that will influence it is Charisma.

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