By Hal Clement

A manhunt inside of a guy. The hunter from space's depths selected Robert Kinncaid as his "host" and invaded his physique, managed his concepts, and commenced the quest. The Quarry used to be lurking in one other individual someplace. It was once like looking for a needle in a haystack- a needle that carried demise and destruction.

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As the tanker nosed into the narrow passage, he realized that, in spite of this, searching the reef for clues might not be easy; it was never possible for a person to travel more than a few rods on foot, as he could see from the broken-up nature of the barrier; and on the outer side at least boating would be extremely dangerous -- the endless breakers crashing through the openings in the coral created fierce and unpredictable currents and eddies almost certain to sweep any small craft against the rock-hard roughness of the reef.

Of course the hockey season was still on; anything might happen of its own accord. As for illness, that could not very well be acquired at will. He could perhaps imitate something well enough to fool friends and teachers, but he did not for an instant deceive himself into thinking he could fool a doctor for any length of time. Faking seemed out, therefore. The usual run of ideas, such as false telegrams requesting his presence, pretense of bad news from home, and all their variations ran through his mind, for he had read his share of the more melodramatic literature; but none of them satisfied the objections which his sound common sense at once raised.

Those things obviously I could not test without harming and possibly killing you. There are, I suppose, a few things I might do in the line you suggest, but I certainly would not like it; and, in any case, how do you know that you would be sent home in case of illness? " The question silenced Bob for several seconds; that possibility had not occurred to him. "I don't know," he said at last. " His features wrinkled in repugnance at the idea. " The Hunter was willing to concede that point but was still reluctant to interfere with his host's vital processes.

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