By Eisenhart L. P.

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Collaboration among NASA and operational agencies since 2001. NOAA involvement through attendance at annual GPM planning workshops, input on operational requirements for GPM, and participation on the Precipitation Measurement Missions science team. The GPM research plan has operational objectives, and efforts are under way to establish an effective NASA-NOAA partnership for the GPM post-launch phase. The TRMM ground validation approach followed the traditional lines of rain rateoriented intercomparisons with classical ground validation site set-ups.

Proven sensor technology; potential for the GPM dual-frequency precipitation radar to fly with other radars still in orbit (TRMM, CloudSat). No long data sets to which sensor data could be attached. Decade-long record of precipitation radar and other TRMM data. No operational experience with data. Operational experience with data since 1998. NOAA scientist involvement in NASA’s 1986 workshop on TRMM, and NOAA scientist participation on the TRMM science team. However, there was no expectation (and therefore no planned activities) of operational application of TRMM data at NOAA.

Value of a Multi-Sensor Reference Satellite for Calibration of Data from Other Space-Based Observational Systems TRMM has two unique attributes that make it an ideal “flying rain gauge” for cross-calibrating passive microwave data from other satellites: its suite of complementary sensors and its low, non-sun-synchronous orbit that permits highspatial resolution measurements. , 2004). Subsequently, the non-sun-synchronous orbit provides orbital intersections between 35 degrees latitude North and South for intercalibration between the TRMM Microwave Imager and other passive microwave measurements from polar-orbiting satellites.

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