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In contradictoriis autem non potest esse consequentia nisi econtrario]. Ethics 10, 1 1172a 34-5 (and cf. Mon. 1, xiii, 4). Luke 2, 1. Orosius emphasizes the crucial significance of Christ's choice to be enrolled in the census as a man (Hist. 6, 22): 'This is that earliest and most famous acknowledgment which designated Caesar first of all men and the Romans lords of the world; for in the census list all men were entered individually, and in it the very Maker of all men wished to be found and enrolled as a man among men.

F. 1, 14. e. the race officials who give the athletes the starting signal. Hist. 2, 6-7. 7 But in the end, ignominiously driven back from what he had set 8 out to do, he was unable to win the prize. In addition to these, and after them, Alexander king of Macedon came closer than anyone else to winning the prize of monarchy. 9 10 'O depth of the riches both of the knowledge and wisdom of God', 10 who is not astonished at you in this connection? For you carried off Alexander from the contest when he was striving to obstruct his Roman rival in the race, so that his foolhardiness might proceed no further.

Physics 1, 185a 14-17. Cf. Ethics 3, 3 1112a 28-30. The distinction between what is due to Christ and what to Peter will prove to be a fundamental principle underlying the argument of Book III. Cf. John 8, 44. This second category of opponents probably consists of princes and kings hostile to the emperor. 13 There are also the writings of the doctors of the church, of Augustine and others; anyone who doubts that they were helped by the Holy Spirit has either entirely failed to 14 see their fruits or, if he has seen them, has not tasted them.

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