By Reginald H Roy

There were just a handful of days because the starting of time on which the path the realm used to be taking has been replaced for the higher in a single twenty-four hour interval via an act of guy. June 6, 1944, used to be certainly one of them. What the american citizens, British and Canadians have been attempting to do was once come again a complete continent that have been taken from its rightful vendors and whose voters have been taken captive through Adolf Hitler's German military. It was once the most monumentally unselfish issues one crew of individuals ever did for one more. -Andy A. Rooney, inner most, usa military.

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Laurent, the latter for the British at Arromanches. A breakwater would be created by sunken block ships and the construction of an outer sea wall made up of huge concrete caissons, some three stories high, which would be towed across the channel and sunk in their proper position. Inside this shelter floating roadways, called whales, would lead to a pier. The harbour was designed to take "Liberty" ships which had a 26-foot draught and the floating roadways had to engineered to take into account the 23-foot tides on the Normandy coast.

MacMillan of Canada, 1945. Keagan. The Viking Press, 1982. Hastings. Guild Publishing, 1984. My War by Andy A. Rooney. Adams Media Corporation, 1995. l"he author, Dr. Reginald Roy was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. During the Second World War he saw service in Canada, the Mediterranean and Northwest Europe. After the war Dr. P. Stacey and helped write the official history of the Canadian Army, 1939-45. From 1959 to the late 1980s he taught history at the University of Victoria. Now retired, Dr.

As a result instead of having a mailed fist of three panzer divisions to smash through the Allied defences to the sea, Rommel had to use them in a defensive role. By June 8th, when the Panzer Lehr was coming into the area, the Allied position had greatly improved. The British 50th Division had captured Bayeux and had pushed slightly south of it. The capture of Port-en-Bessin connected the 50th Division with the American forces on "Omaha" Beach which, after their harsh struggle to gain a foothold, were reinforced and pushed well inland towards St.

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