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19 Our increased expeditionary operations tempo has served to illuminate a long-existing absence in cross-functional logistics officer training and capability. The effects of manpower reductions and increased operations tempo—combined with the turning away from a containment-focused garrison force to a projection-focused expeditionary force—has exacerbated a preexisting condition which we can no longer mitigate with massive manpower. Our doctrine substantiates the reality of this requirement, AFDD 2, the Air Force “capstone operational document,” authoritatively prescribes cross-functional logistics tasks as key responsibilities of the COMAFFOR (A-4) director of logistics staff assistant.

Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2, Organization and Employment of Aerospace Power, December 1999, 28. 22. Ibid. 23. Personal E-mail and survey, Capt Malcolm Blair, USAF, A-4, 31st Air Expeditionary Wing, Operational Allied Force, Aviano AB, Italy, 3 June 1999, 8 February 2000. 24. USAF Expeditionary Forces, USAF Scientific Advisory Board, slide presentation, Dr. Ron Fuchs, study chairman, 25 November 1997. 25. Concept White Paper: Agile Combat Support, Dick Olson, AF/ILXX, October 1998. 26. Concept Paper: Agile Combat Support, Air Force Experimentation Office, June 1999.

Gen Michael E. Ryan, former USAF chief of staff, describes the cultural change and expeditionary mindset shift by saying “we are in the process of a significant transition in the way we do business, and this will require embracing a new culture and an approach to operations that emphasize rapid response. 20 USAF operational doctrine formalizes this paradigm and organizational shift in the employment of air and space power by subordinating Air Force elements within a Joint Task Force under a COMAFFOR.

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