By Joseph Frantiska Jr. Ed.D.

This short examines and explores the reuse of studying gadgets to reinforce scholars' studying reports. the writer info the problems of reusing studying gadgets, or the Reusability Paradox, and the way to create extra versatile studying items. The short additionally proposes a strategy to reduce barriers and consequently maximize a studying object's software throughout a couple of fields.

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In addition to the air mass differences causing the mainly horizontal air currents and rotation, there needs to a source of vertical movement to bring the phenomena into the mature stage, For tornadoes, this is due to a nearby thunderstorm which has large vertical air currents which is how thunderstorms are able to reach their towering heights. For dust devils and fire whirls, the localized hot area creates a vertical air current since hot air’s natural tendency is to rise. Also, for the phenomena to be relatively long-lived there needs to be a sustaining force which will act to keep them going.

Let’s look at using the meteorology learning object from a largely different domain. The learning object used in exploring tornadoes has as a major aspect a cylindrical or conical rotating mass. There are similar occurrences that are in other areas of endeavor. One such area is that of physics. Take for instance the stereotypical example of using a spinning ice skater to demonstrate the concept of the conservation of angular momentum. What is angular momentum? Well, let’s first see what regular or linear momentum is.

Conversely, if an antibiotic can destroy all members of a particular strain (subset) of a bacterial species but not those outside of another strain, then its specificity is at a minimum and its reusability is at a maximum. So there is a spectrum that a learning object’s degree of reusability can span. It can go from minimal (“one trick pony”) to maximal (“a jack of all trades”). Of course, its corresponding degree of context specificity travels that same spectrum but in the opposite direction. Therefore, when the reusability is at its maximum, the context specificity is at a minimum.

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