By Jerry Kroth

At the fortieth anniversary of 1 of crucial occasions in American heritage comes Conspiracy in Camelot: the total background of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a stunning, information-packed quantity from New York's Algora Publishers. Conspiracy in Camelot is a thoroughgoing research of the main proper proof exposed and published by way of the govt. during the last forty years, and a presentation of the main believable conspiracy theories.From the canopy as much as Mafia murders, fingerprints to dictabelt recordings, a mountain of facts is built-in right into a accomplished point of view at the assassination. Out of a box of nine confessed assassins within the literature, Professor Kroth conducts 5 interviews with the major grassy knoll suspect, James records. Marilyn Monroe's sexual liaisons with the Kennedy brothers, JFK's 33 mistresses within the White condominium, and J. Edgar Hoover's homosexuality and paranoia underscore the shadowy mental underbelly of 1 of history's maximum detective tales. attaining past the felony size, the textual content additionally seems on the deep and mysterious symbolism of this mythic story, from the marvelous array of synchronicities among Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln to the uncanny symbolic linkage the tale has to King Arthur and Camelot.

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The bullet that hit him in the head disintegrated completely. We saw nearly forty fragments throughout the right cerebral hemisphere and embedded in the interior of the skull. A lot of them were no bigger than the point of a pen, and the largest was about the size of the nail on your little finger. 5-millimeter ammunition manufactured by East Alton Illinois-based Western Cartridge Co. 68. , p. 49 & p. 64. 42 Chapter 3. Reasonable Doubt Ballistics/Autopsy Inconsistencies There is a further problem in reconciling the ballistics evidence with official autopsy evidence.

Thus, the shirt Oswald was wearing is of considerable importance. If he changed shirts, as he alleged, it would be rather suspicious that the FBI laboratory would find fibers in the rifle butt which matched his shirt at the time of the arrest, since this would not have been the shirt worn by the person who fired the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle; in other words, it indicates a conspiracy to set up Oswald as a patsy for the murder. This discussion leads us in infinite directions: (a) Oswald changed shirts (thus rendering suspicious the forensic evidence tying fibers in his second shirt to the rifle).

48 In fact, Oswald naively asked a fellow workmate why the crowd was gather47. James Hosty, Assignment Oswald. New York: Arcade, 1996, p. 254. 48. A total of four witnesses say they saw Oswald in the second floor lunchroom between noon and 12:15. , p. 554, n. 76. 29 Conspiracy in Camelot ing outside and was told that the President was coming. Later, after the assassination, motorcycle patrolman Marion Baker ran into the Depository with his gun drawn, climbed the stairs, confronted Oswald in the second floor lunchroom — about one and a half minutes after the shooting — and then proceeded upstairs.

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