By Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Globalism, colonialism, and consumerism have prompted unjust soreness (han), for the earth's exploited peoples and the exploited lands. To opposite this tragedy, we have to paintings for a more secure, sustainable planet and renew our proposal from God because the reworking Spirit who offers, sustains and empowers lifestyles to all.

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Louis: Chalice Press, 2000), 16. 1057/9781137344878 Empire, Colonialism, and Globalization  30 The Spanish overseas empire was the first to fall by local revolutions, capped by the Spanish American War in 1898, when the United States appropriated or liberated several Spanish overseas possessions. 31 Rieger, Globalization and Theology, 27. 32 “Government House” was the official name of the seat of imperial rule in the British colonies. The most famous was Government House in New Delhi, the residence of the Viceroy of India.

1057/9781137344878  Colonialism, Han and the Transformative Spirit 36 McFague, Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril, 83. 37 This reminds me that so many theologians, from Augustine to Edwards, contrast transient to “true” happiness. Is it that we have lost that distinction? Our eyes have been diverted from the prize. The Civil Rights movement was so successful because it had its eyes fixed on a future hope. The 99% movement may be flawed because it is not directly combating greed; it is fighting for its own share of the lucre.

We need to heed the warning of both the scientists who predict catastrophes and the theologians who identify the selfish intent behind our way of life. Living by narrow2 self-interest alone will lead to planetary economic shortages comparable to the forgotten famines of biblical times. We need to stop raping the land and start nurturing it as wise stewards. As Christians, we have failed to do our part in becoming good stewards of the earth and taking care of the planet that God created and gave us to protect, to nurture, and to conserve.

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