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But nationalist, liberal and populist values in west Ukraine reflected distinctively Ukrainian concerns, not the concerns of Orthodox or Catholic, FSU or ECE cultures. Like the rest of Ukraine - but unlike either Russia or ECE - support for external nationalist values was unusually weak in west Ukraine. By contrast support for centralist nationalist values, and for cultural nationalist values, was higher in west Ukraine than anywhere else, while support for liberal and populist values was lower in west Ukraine than anywhere else.

A look at the components of our index of liberal values reveals other aspects of the MPs' 'governing perspective': although MPs were generally 27 per cent more liberal than their publics, they were on average 38 per cent more tolerant, 31 and 28 per cent more committed to law-based government - yet only 18 per cent more willing to defend citizens' rights of protest, and actually 13 per cent more inclined than their publics to emphasise order and the need to respect authority. POTENTIAL COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARIES Vanguard groups clearly supported the values of the new regime.

And it became increasingly clear that communist values had not superseded much older attachments and expectations, based in part upon the very different experiences of the communist-ruled nations before the establishment of single party government. Why, for instance, had the Prague Spring originated in Czechoslovakia? Almost certainly, because it had a long tradition of liberal freedoms and had been the only one of the East European democracies that survived throughout the interwar period. Why had Solidarity originated in Poland?

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