Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–3): A. S. McFarlane
Chapter 2 The function of Cell?Surface Receptors within the shipping and Catabolism of Immunoglobulins (pages 5–23): Thomas A. Waldmann and E. Anthony Jones
Chapter three The function of the Kidney within the Metabolism of Serum Proteins (pages 25–45): W. Strober, R. P. Mogielnicki and T. A. Waldmann
Chapter four Short?Term choice of Plasma Protein Turnover through a Two?Tracer strategy utilizing Plasma purely or Plasma and Urine facts (pages 47–72): R. Bianchi, G. Mariani, A. Pilo, M.G. Toni and L. Donato
Chapter five Acute?Phase Proteins in Wound therapeutic (pages 73–90): A. H. Gordon
Chapter 6 reports with a Mass stability approach to Measuring Fibrinogen Synthesis (pages 91–111): E. B. Reeve and Y. Chen
Chapter 7 research of Disappearance Time?Curves After unmarried Injection of Labelled Proteins (pages 113–130): B. Nosslin
Chapter eight The impact of Amino Acids and Hepatotoxic brokers on Albumin Synthesis, Polysomal Aggregation and RNA Turnover (pages 131–153): Murray Oratz, Marcus A. Rothschild, Alvin Burks, Joseph Mongelli and Sidney S. Schreiber
Chapter nine Regulatory elements within the Synthesis of Plasma Proteins by way of the remoted Perfused rat Liver (pages 155–179): A. S. Tavill, A. G. East, E. G. Black, D. Nadkarni and R. Hoffenberg
Chapter 10 results of Intravenous Neuraminidase at the Turnover of Fibrinogen (pages 181–201): E. Regoeczi and K.?L. Wong
Chapter eleven new release of 125I?Labelled Plasmin in canine according to Venous damage (pages 203–216): Y. Takeda, T. R. Parkhill and M. Nakabayashi
Chapter 12 The Comparative results of dietary and Hormonal elements at the Synthesis of Albumin, Fibrinogen and Transferrin (pages 217–247): okay. N. Jeejeebhoy, A. Bruce?Robertson, J. Ho and U. Sodtke
Chapter thirteen IgM Turnover in guy (pages 249–272): okay. Birger Jensen
Chapter 14 supplement in Membranoproliferative (Hypocomplementaemic) Glomerulonephritis (pages 273–282): D. okay. Peters
Chapter 15 problems of the supplement and Properdin platforms (pages 283–310): Chester A. Alper and Fred S. Rosen

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1967), and sodium [1251]iodidewere used as tracers. The labelled HSA was repeatedly submitted to dialysis against distilled water and immediately before injection it was filtered twice on Sephadex G-10 in order to eliminate free lJ1I; 100 pCi of lJII-labelled HSA and 50 pCi of sodium [1251]iodidewere then injected simultaneously in subjects in whom thyroid uptake had previously been blocked. Venous blood samples of 8 ml were taken five minutes after injection, again gfter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours, and then every 24 hours up to seven days.

JANEWAY, C. A. (1958) J . Clin. Invest. 37, 172-184 HOFFENBERG, R. (1970) Control of albumin degradation in vivo and in the perfused liver, in Plasma Protein Metabolism: Regulation of Synthesis, Distribution and Degradation (Rothschild, M. A. ), pp. 239-255, Academic Press, New York HORN,M. , KNAPP,M. , PAGE,F. T. & WALKER, W. H. C. (1969) Adult Fanconi syndrome and multiple myelomatosis. J . Clin. Parh. , WALDMANN, T. , FAHEY, J. L. & MCFARLANE, A. S. (1964) Metabolism of Bence-Jones proteins.

Reference BRAMBELL, F. W. , HEMMINGS, W. A. & MORRIS,I. G. )203,1352-1355 Protein Turnover Ciba Foundation Copyright 0 1973 Ciba Foundation The role of the kidney in the metabolism of serum proteins W. STROBER, R. P. MOGIELNICKI and T. A. WALDMANN lmmunophysiology Section, Metabolism Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland We have investigated what happens to representative serum proteins in the kidneys of normal humans as well as of patients with disorders of renal function.

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