Chapter 1 creation: The Rational Use of Plasma Drug degrees in medical medication (pages 1–12): Louis Lasagna
Chapter 2 ideas of Pharmacokinetics (pages 13–33): Geoffrey T. Tucker
Chapter three Methodological Pitfalls: The impression of Experimental layout on effects (pages 35–49): Stephen H. Curry
Chapter four Interpretation of Drug degrees: Relevance of Plasma Protein Binding (pages 51–68): Emilio Perucca and Alan Richens
Chapter five qc of Drug Assays (pages 69–79): Alan Richens
Chapter 6 Lithium Concentrations and scientific Responses (pages 81–98): John L. Crammer, A.C. Elithorn and R. Lennox
Chapter 7 Blood degrees of Flupenthixol in sufferers with Acute and protracted Schizophrenia (pages 99–114): Eve C. Johnstone, Rachel C. Bourne, P. Mary Cotes, T.J. Crow, I.N. Ferrier, F. Owen and J.D. Robinson
Chapter eight scientific importance of tracking Plasma degrees of Psychotropic medicinal drugs (pages 115–139): Paolo Lucio Morselli and Edouard Zarifian
Chapter nine Benzodiazepines: a few facets in their scientific Pharmacology (pages 141–155): Richard I. Shader and David J. Greenblatt
Chapter 10 Adrenergic and Serotonergic Mechanisms in melancholy and Their reaction to Amitriptyline (pages 157–166): Alec Coppen and Keith Wood
Chapter eleven The function of Plasma point tracking of Tricyclic Antidepressant medications as an relief to remedy (pages 167–197): Robin Braithwaite
Chapter 12 scientific software of the tracking of Anticonvulsant Drug degrees (pages 199–214): E.H. Reynolds
Chapter thirteen The Logistics of Drug tracking (pages 215–224): Roy Goulding
Chapter 14 substitute methods (pages 225–252): Malcolm Lader
Chapter 15 Concluding comments (pages 253–255): Louis Lasagna

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In general, most methods of determining benzodiazepines show relatively good correlation from method to method. 90 between these two very different methods. It should be remembered, however, that oxazepam has no metabolites that might complicate the interpretation of the radioimmunoassay. Drugs without active metabolites are ‘cleaner’ from the point of view of that method. But to get back to Dr Hvidberg’s comment, I think that how clean they are may be different from how practical they are for clinical purposes.

Tucker: If by placental activity you mean drug-metabolizing activity, 30 DISCUSSION although microsomal enzymes and cytochrome P-450 have been found in the placenta, the ability of this structure to transform the majority of drugs appears negligible, in contrast to the liver. Obviously, the potential volume of distribution of drug is larger in the pregnant woman; the cardiac output and its distribution will also be different and these changes may have some influence on drug kinetics. Hvidberg: You did not mention the influence of the metabolites on the system you showed us.

In the earlier antidepressant trials which were placebo controlled - patients were treated for six weeks either with a placebo or with an antidepressant - one sees reports indicating that approximately 60% of the patients who were treated with active drugs and 40”/, of those who had received the placebo improved, so there is a difference of only 20% attributable to the drug. We have to decide 48 DISCUSSION to whom we are going to give the drug before we set up large-scale studies to examine the relationship between plasma concentration and therapeutic response.

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