By Russell O. Wright

This chronology starts with an summary of spiritual existence within the usa, after which specializes in advancements from the payment of Jamestown through Anglican settlers in 1607 to the Catholic backlash created based on Nancy Pelosi's past due 2008 Meet the clicking reviews at the church's perspectives of abortion. appendices specialize in the distribution of significant non secular teams within the usa and the distribution of varied Christian spiritual denominations within the kingdom.

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As a result, Pennsylvania generally had much less trouble in its initial years with Indian uprisings than other colonies. Also, during this year the first sizeable continent of German immigrants came to America and settled Germantown near Philadelphia. They were soon followed by the Mennonites and the Amish who settled a little further west in Lancaster County. Penn had visited parts of Germany when he was living in England, and he had talked with some of the groups now seeking religious freedom in his new colony.

What the English did not fully realize was how important slaves had become to the economy of the colonies, especially in the South. Authorities in the South did not want to upset this economic balance and they were hesitant to make (or permit) any overt effort to convert the slaves to Christianity. February 1732— A Catholic mass was celebrated for the first time at St. Joseph’s Church in Philadelphia. Although early Catholicism in the colonies was often associated with Maryland because Maryland was nominally founded as a Catholic refuge (see listing for 1634), Catholics tended 45 1740 to keep a low profile there because of potential and actual harassment from the later government of the state.

However, Catholics such as Charles Carroll (the only signer of the Declaration of Independence who was a Catholic) would play an important part in the war. Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore, as noted, had carefully instructed the highly educated Catholics on the ships to essentially keep a low profile in the New World because of the potential intolerance they might awaken in the majority of the settlers who were members of the Church of England. The Catholics did so for many generations while quietly building a Catholic presence in Maryland.

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