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All rights reserved. Dust Jacket Copyright © 2009 by Bob Eggleton Interior design Copyright © 2009 by Desert Isle Design, LLC. All rights reserved. com Portions of this novel appeared in Argosy, Subterranean, Adventure, and Son of Retro Pulp Tales. Table of Contents Cast of Characters Dedication El Presidente The Island of Annoyed Souls Chartreuse Mansions The Lost Continent of Moo Carnival Knowledge Merry Bunta! A Jaguar Never Changes Its Stripes Connoisseurs Spring Training A Four-Sided Triangle The Forgotten Kingdom Mother Scorpion’s House of Fallen Flowers CAST OF CHARACTERS Erich von Horst, a con man’s con man.

There won’t be enough Nobel Prizes to honor me. ” I said. ” “My funding comes from my patients, who pay me to transform them,” said Doctor Mirbeau. ” “Because every last one of them is a wanted criminal,” he answered. ” Well, I could think of a lot of better ways, or at least less painful ones, but I didn’t want to argue with my host, especially since I had a feeling anyone who lost an argument with him was likely to be turned into a koala bear or an iguana or some such thing. ” “I’m afraid I can’t let you leave the island, Doctor Jones,” he said.

Your troubles are solved. I just happen to be in the salvation business. ” “Our biggest sin is stupidity,” sniffled Felicity. ” I said. ” said Miguel. “Okay, we’ll put it on the cuff,” I said. ” “We’re never leaving the island again,” muttered Ramon unhappily. ” I asked. ” “We were,” said Miguel. ” “And some of us have never left the island,” said Felicity. ” “Yeah, I can see where it’s difficult to hide out in a crowd if there ain’t no crowd on hand,” I said. ” she wailed. ” “Our transformations were completed a decade ago,” said Ramon.

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