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The Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization

The unintended American vividly illustrates the demanding situations and contradictions of U. S. immigration coverage, and argues that, simply as there's a unfastened circulate of capital on this planet economic climate, there will be a loose move of work. writer Rinku Sen alternates chapters telling the tale of 1 "accidental American"--coauthor Fekkak Mamdouh, a Morrocan-born waiter at a restaurant on this planet alternate heart whose existence was once thrown into turmoil on 9/11--with an intensive critique of present immigration coverage.

Global Security Engagement: A New Model for Cooperative Threat Reduction

The government's first Cooperative danger relief (CTR) courses have been created in 1991 to get rid of the previous Soviet Union's nuclear, chemical, and different guns and forestall their proliferation. The courses have complete greatly: deactivating millions of nuclear warheads, neutralizing chemical guns, changing guns amenities for peaceable use, and redirecting the paintings of former guns scientists and engineers, between different efforts.

The Four Freedoms under Siege: The Clear and Present Danger from Our National Security State

The authors tackle the demanding questions of person freedom as opposed to nationwide safeguard which are at the minds of american citizens of all political stripes. they bring about jointly the pivotal occasions, leaders, guidelines, and fateful decisions—often path-breaking, extra frequently finishing in folly—that have subverted our constitutional executive from its founding.

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Finally, limited warranties are designed to solve a double moral hazard problem: The buyer determines the actual quality of the product before making the purchase, and the seller cannot observe the buyer’s treatment of the goods after the purchase is made. A limited warranty makes both parties responsible for quality and upkeep (Cooper and Ross, 1985). How Do Private-Sector Accountants Deal with the Moral Hazard Issue? As a first step in considering whether billing by the hour may lead accountants to take advantage of their customers, we examined how private-sector accountants bill their clients and whether or not those clients appear to be worried about moral hazard problems.

To make a composite control output for comparison purposes, we averaged the z-scores of the nonaccounting outputs. , n) and n = number of other outputs. This difference measure has the virtue of being unit-free, and because both elements of the pre–October 1999 difference are drawn from distributions with a mean of zero and standard deviation of one, there is no worry that the measure of difference will be overpowered by relative magnitudes. We then ran region-by-region time-trend regressions using the dt’s as the dependent variables.

9 million. It is no surprise that only the Navy’s Commercial Invoice bill amount would have fallen with location-specific pricing. 3, only the Navy had belowaverage Commercial Invoice costs. The explanation for the Navy’s comparatively inexpensive Commercial Invoices (inexpensive to DFAS, that is) is that the Navy matches Commercial Invoices and receiving reports before handing off the work to DFAS. They receive no specific discount for the effort they save DFAS. 5. 5 suggests that the Air Force, of all DFAS customers, has the most pronounced gains from DFAS’s current pricing of finance outputs.

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