By Peter Inker

In fifty two B.C. at Alesia in what's now Burgundy in France Julius Caesar pulled off one of many nice feats of Roman palms. His seriously outnumbered military totally defeated the mixed forces of the Gallic tribes led by means of Vercingetorix and accomplished the Roman conquest of Gaul. The Alesia crusade, and the epic siege during which it culminated, was once certainly one of Caesar 's most interesting army achievements, and it has involved historians ever in view that.

In this, the 1st full-length research to be released in recent years, Peter Inker reconstructs the conflict in image aspect, combining historic and smooth assets and facts derived from archaeological learn. He questions universal assumptions concerning the crusade, reassesses Caesar's personal account of occasions, and appears back at facets of the conflict which have been debated or misunderstood. His gripping account supplies new perception into Caesar the commander and into the Roman military he commanded.

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Inker 2007 Probable Roman spearheads from Alesia (scale 1:2). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Roman pila from Alesia (scale 1:4). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Circular Gallic shield boss from Alesia (scale 1:5). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Circular German shield boss from Alesia (scale 1:3). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Roman dagger from Alesia with reconstructed handle (scale 1:3). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Roman ballista bolt and stimuli from Alesia (scale 1:1). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Gallic noble cavalryman. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Roman arrowheads from Alesia (scale 1:1).

Peter A. Inker 2007 This reconstructed gateway gives an impression of the kind of fortifications used in Caesar’s circumvallation (Lunt Roman Fort, near Coventry, UK). © Peter A. Inker 2007 Reconstructed entrance to the hill fort at Bibracte. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Marcus Antonius. Roman testudo or ‘tortoise’. © Peter A. Inker 2007 Brutus. ’ [Diodorus Siculus, Library, IV. 19. 1] The Alesia Campaign occurred at a time when significant changes were taking place in both Rome and Gaul. For Gaul the country was evolving, changing from an unformed conglomeration of rural tribal villages controlled by monarchies, to larger confederations of tribes with elected assemblies.

Uk Contents List of Plates and Maps Background Sourcing Alesia Gauls or Celts? Roman Motivations The Commanders and Their Armies Caesar Caesar’s Army Caesar’s Allies Vercingetorix Vercingetorix’s Army Opening Moves Roman–Gallic Relations Grand Coalition Campaign Chronicle Week 1, Day 1: Caesar Marches to The Province Week 1, Day 2: Vercingetorix Springs a Trap on Mont Reux Week 1, Day 3: Caesar Marches on Alesia Week 1, Day 4: Caesar Blockades Alesia Week 1, Days 5–7: Caesar Begins Construction Week 2, Day 1: Construction is Interrupted Week 2, Day 2: Vercingetorix Calls for Aid Week 2, Day 3: Vercingetorix Orders Rationing Week 2, Day 4: Construction Continues Unabated Week 3–4: Building the Circumvallation Week 5: Building the Contravallation Week 5: Gallic Council of War Week 6: The Gallic Relief Army Arrives at Bibracte Week 7: At Alesia the Blockade Bites Week 7: While Alesia Starves, the Relief Army Marches Week 8, Day 1: Arrival of the Gallic Relief Army Week 8, Day 2 (Noon): Cavalry Battle on the Plain of Laumes Week 8, Day 3: The Gallic Relief Army Prepares an Assault Week 8, Day 3 (Midnight): Gallic Night Attack Week 8, Day 4: The Gallic Relief Army Plans Another Attack Week 8, Day 5: Commius’ Plan Goes into Effect Week 8, Day 5 (Noon to 3pm): The Battle of Alesia, Phase 1 – Attack on Caesar’s Weak Points Week 8, Day 5 (3pm to 6pm): The Battle of Alesia, Phase 2 – Caesar Fights Back Week 8, Day 5 (6pm to 9pm): The Battle of Alesia, Phase 3 – Gallic Withdrawal Week 8, Day 5 (9pm to midnight): The Battle of Alesia, Epilogue – Roman Cavalry Hunt the Survivors Week 8, Day 6: The Surrender of Vercingetorix Aftermath Death-Throes of the Revolt Consequences Alesia Today Visiting Bibracte: Modern-day Mont Beuvray Visiting Alesia: Modern-day Alise-Sainte-Reine Appendices I Vercingetorix’s Commanders II The Gallic Tribes III Caesar’s Commanders IV Caesar’s Legions V Orders of Battle VI Campaign Glossary Bibliography List of Plates and Maps Plates 1 Caesar 2 Vercingetorix Statue 3 Roman Legionary 4 Roman Spearheads 5 Roman Pila 6 Circular Gallic Shield Boss 7 Circular German Shield Boss 8 Roman Dagger 9 Roman Ballista Bolt and Stimuli 10 Gallic Noble Cavalryman 11 Roman Arrowheads 12 Two Slingshots 13 TLABI Slingshot 14 Germanic Cavalryman 15 Three Gallic Swords 16 Gallic Shield Boss 17 Gallic Helmet 18 Gallic Spearheads 19 Gallic Spearheads 20 Gallic Infantryman 21 Roman Cavalryman 22 Mont Réa 23 Murus Gallicus 24 Plain of Laumes Defences 25 Roman Camp (North-East Door) 26 Oze Valley 27 Plain of Laumes 28 Ozerain Valley 29 Reconstructed Gateway 30 Bibracte 31 Marcus Antonius 32 Roman Testudo 33 Brutus Maps 1 Tribes of Gaul 2 Ambush on Mont Reux 3 The Battle of Mont Reux 4 Defences & Siegeworks at Alesia 5 Battle of Alesia Phase 1 6 Battle of Alesia Phase 2 7 Battle of Alesia Phase 3 Maps Caesar.

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