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RCH LI This coating is important, because electricity will flow wherever it can. Loose, it can be very dangerous. It can cause shocks, start fires, or even kill. Did you know that electricity can be used to make a magnet? If a wire is wound into a coil and wrapped around a piece of iron, the iron will become a magnet when electricity is sent through the coil. Fill in The iron will then attract other things made of iron and steel. ” shocks, electric As soon as the electricity is turned off, the electromagnet wires should be isn’t a magnet anymore.

Windmills provide power to make electricity when their sails are turned by wind blowing against them. Originally the sails were long narrow sheets of canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Later windmills used different materials and designs. Usually there are four sails shaped like large blades. When the sails turn, the axle they are Traditional windmills in the Netherlands. © ML Sinibaldi/Corbis attached to turns as well, much as car wheels turn on their axles. The axle causes various gears to turn, which then causes a large crankshaft to turn.

Ll at once That’s eno s ht bulb a g li n o li il 36 b 32 © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. WIND POWER Energy in the Air W ind power has been used for many hundreds of years. Its energy has filled the sails of ships and powered machines that grind grain, pump water, drain marshes, saw wood, and make paper. Wind provides a clean and endless source of energy. In the 1890s windmills in Denmark became the first to use wind power to generate electricity. But it took the major energy crisis of the 1970s to focus people’s thoughts seriously again on using wind energy to produce electricity.

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