By Enrique Vila-Matas

A wonderful novel via one among Spain's most vital modern authors, within which a clerk in a Barcelona workplace takes us on a romping travel of global literature.In Bartleby & Co., an tremendously stress-free novel, Enrique Vila-Matas tackles the subject matter of silence in literature: the writers and non-writers who, just like the scrivener Bartleby of the Herman Melville tale, in resolution to any query or call for, replies: "I would favor no longer to." Addressing such "artists of refusal" as Robert Walser, Robert Musil, Arthur Rimbaud, Marcel Duchamp, Herman Melville, and J. D. Salinger, Bartleby & Co. can be defined as a meditation: a jogging journey throughout the annals of literature. Written as a chain of footnotes (a non-work itself), Bartleby embarks on such questions as why can we write, why will we exist? the reply lies within the novel itself: advised from the perspective of a airtight hunchback who has no success with ladies, and is himself not able to jot down, Bartleby is totally enticing, a piece of profound and philosophical attractiveness.

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As we can see, Camus - a yes-artist if there ever was one in his firm belief that art is the opposite of silence - would have been somewhat paralysed had he known the work, for example, of Beckett and other consummate, recent disciples of Bartleby. Chamfort took his no so far that, the day he thought that the French Revolution, which initially he had been enthusiastic about, had condemned him, he shot himself, breaking his nose and disgorging his right eye in the process. Still not dead, he returned to the attack, slitting his throat with a knife and cutting into his flesh.

Said Shirley. "The key," Salinger repeated. "It's time I had it. " "Oh gosh," said Shirley. "I didn't dare tell you ... " They paused next to a garbage bin. I stopped a few feet away and pretended to search in one of my jacket pockets for a packet of cigarettes. Suddenly Salinger spread his arms wide and Shirley, sobbing, went towards them. "Don't worry," he said. " They didn't move and I had to continue walking, I couldn't just stand there without saying a word and give away the fact that I was spying on them.

Sincerely, Derain. 21) world with the minimum of effort. He climbed up on stage and the author of Nude Descending a Staircase did not even have to look down at the steps. From long and careful calculation, the great con man knew exactly where they were. He had planned it all, like the great master of the No he was. Let us turn our attention to two writers who live in the same country, but who hardly know each other. The first has Bartleby's syndrome and has refused to carry on publishing; he has not published in twenty-three years.

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