By Steven Holloway

Neo-Assyrian non secular imperialism used to be expressed through punitive measures resembling "godnapping", and by means of the geographical concentration and volume of the cloth aid the Assyrians lavished on favoured polities. This paintings is dedicated to Neo-Assyrian non secular imperialism.

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For reasons that I hope will become lucid to the reader, the initial scholarship on Neo-Assyrian religious imperialism, almost exclusively generated by British authors, tended to express its visions of these interactions in the familiar diction of British imperialism. 28 The decipherer Henry laic, yet the limited notices of calculated interference with non-Assyrian cults do not match the expectations raised by the formulae. Other factors that severely limit our ability to create plausible historical generalizations from this material include the fractional preservation of primary evidence, the accident of archaeological recovery, and the propagandistic self-construction of these ancient analogues to "press releases" "sound bytes" and "photo-opportunities" which, for instance, can be shown to have deliberately suppressed "news" of the routine destruction of conquered citytemples.

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