By Zénaïde Alexeïevna Ragozin

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1888 variation via T. Fisher Unwin, London.

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There is, however, reason to believe," according to some writers, " that Anu was occasionally honored 1 THE STOR Y OF ASS YRIA 3 . "* favorite with the Assyrians as with the empire of South. Her two principal temples were in Nineveh and Arbela (ARBA-ILU, "the city of four gods "). In the latter she was worshipped pre-emthe inently in her martial character as the goddess of battle, the inspirer of heroic deeds, and the war and it was her femwhich inine, voluptuous aspect predominated, and she was essentially the goddess of love, of nature, and all delights.

A conqueror the mighty surely must have satisfied vengeance and the most in- ordinate covetousness. 15. In one of these campaigns he encountered a well organized and obstinate re- more than usually sistance from a coalition of Canaanite princes, who waylaid him in the passes of the Southern Lebanon. There was a great battle near the city of MEGIDDO, situated between the Jordan and the sea, and the victory which the Pharaoh won on this occasion laid the land open before him to the Euphrates, perhaps even THE STQRY OF ASSYRIA.

Possibly not have been displeased at this opportunity of asserting the northern kingdom's power and importance and of establishing a precedent flattering to its new-born dignity. ii. Not quite two hundred years before these events, we are confronted by the name of Asshur in a rather unexpected quarter. , repeatedly overran the immense region between the Nile and the Euphrates not twice or ents to three times, but fourteen times in seventeen years. Egypt was just appearing on the world's stage in the character of an invader and conqueror, and, though a very old nation, the part she played so was new to her.

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