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Ancient Semitic Civilizations

This ancient cartoon of the tradition of the traditional close to East is designed to introduce the final reader to their cultures and archaeological continues to be.

Tradition und Erneuerung: Mediale Strategien in der Zeit der Flavier

Following the confusion that observed the death of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, the Flavians (AD 69-96) succeeded in restoring balance to Rome. This quantity of papers bargains with the media concepts that have been hired to aid conquer a tricky preliminary state of affairs and to grasp the problem, therefore constructing filthy rich stipulations in Rome and the Empire.

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Hence it is o b v i o u s w h y three rounds can be fired consecutively within the first volley. The first round inside the barrel, the second in the main loading chamber, a n d the third ready in another smaller one, p l a c e d left off the barrel axis. Above: Manhole from the sub-turret area d o w n to the driver's position. Below: Rear bulkhead of the engine compartment, separating it from the sub-turret area. Two more flare shells are stowed to the right. Next double-page: Details of the gun layer's position a n d commander's position with the gun layer computer, ballistic calculations, a n d gun c o m m a n der computer a n d with the controls designed to operate the gun a n d turret p a n a n d tilt system in either manual or motorized m o d e .

Below: It is noteworthy here what deposits of mud were "produced" by the driver of another AS-90. Other pictures have captured the crew members enjoying their respite; below they are together with their weapons. AS-SO's Crew 45 DROP Foden Truck This a n d other pages depict the details of the DROP Foden 8x8 pallet loader, above is the same during the live gunfire practice at Glamoc. Below: A c a m p at Banja Luka. Foden D R O P Details 47 Foden D R O P Details This p a g e gives the unloading details of the American155mm a m -unition.

Right: The vehicle at Banja Luka in August 2001. Below: The same vehicle during the live gunfire practice at Glamoc Warrior MAOV Walk A r o u n d 55 MAOV Warrior at the Brezicani Village. In this version the warrior has only a mock-up gun, so that it is not obvious at the first sight that it is merely an unarmed observation vehicle designed to support the artillery batteries. In the f o r e g r o u n d there are two MAOV Warriors in the m u d at G l a m o c , where they were supporting a battery of AS-90s during its gunfire practice.

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