By T. Rice Holmes

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Hist. 2, p. 35. 3 * Gell, xiv, 7, 4. Pelham, op. cit, p. 77. i OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE 31 to regulate the disordered administration of the coinage. AdminisAfter the death of Caesar the Senate had for a short time ^ ^ exercised the right of coining, which had always theoreti- age regucally belonged to them; but in the subsequent struggle the Triumvirs and their opponents alike issued coins, each on his own account. Octavian, after he became supreme, continued until the settlement in which he was recognized as Princeps to issue gold and silver coins, not in Rome but in the East, not as Triumvir (for he had resigned his triumviral office), but as Imperator.

Iv, 246, n. *]) that the cession of Armenia 'must have been included in the negotiations', might have done well to read the relevant passage in Monumentum Ancyranum. , Aug. , xlii, 5,11 ; Dio, liv, 8 , 1 . M. , 9, 1) was wrong in saying that Tiberius recovered the standards, for, he says, Dio does not confirm this statement, and Velleius would not have been silent on the point. The criticism seems to me frivolous. Neither Velleius nor Dio cared to do more than record the recovery. Mommsen (Res gestae*, &c, p.

4 Dio, liv, 12, 4-5. 40 THE ARCHITECT CHAP. nature of his relations with the Senate. It will be remembered that when Octavian removed Lepidus from the Triumvirate he forbore to depose him from the position of Chief Pontiff, notwithstanding the illegality of the method by which he had obtained it. 1 But, while he scrupulously adhered to this forbearance,2 he systematically insulted Lepidus, all the more perhaps because of the plot for which his son had been executed. For instance, he compelled him to attend the meetings of the Senate with the object of exposing him to the jeers of members, and never asked him for his vote until all the other ex-consuls had given theirs.

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