By Piotr Michalowski, Niek Veldhuis

This quantity, devoted to H.L.J. Vanstiphout on the get together of his retirement from the collage of Groningen, July 14th 2006, demonstrates the huge number of scholarly ways to the learn of historical Sumerian literature. It comprises contributions by means of Bendt Alster ("Ninurta and the Turtle"), Nicole Brisch ("In compliment of the Kings of Larsa"), A.J. Ferrara ("A Hodgepodge of Snippets"), Alhena Gadotti ("Gilgames, Gudam and the Singer"), W.W. Hallo ("A Sumerian Apocryphon?"), Dina Katz ("Appeals to Utu"), Jacob Klein ("Man and His God"), Piotr Michalowski ("The unusual background of Tumal"), Gonzalo Rubio ("Sulgi and the loss of life of Sumerian"), Niek Veldhuis ("How Did They study Cuneiform?"), and Claus Wilcke ("Die Hymne auf das Heiligtum Kes").

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Var. zu-u“ “i-bi-ir-bi-re, cf. Civil 1984:291: “the liar, shouting, tears up garments”). Line 56 is a descriptive statement of the circumstances conditioning the following sentence, like an Arabic ˙àl-sentence, typically expressed in the imperfective tense (cf. the comments on line 43 above). This is followed by direct speech in line 57 without the 28 bendt alster proper introductory formula. This does not constitute a problem, being a normal stylistic feature in vivid passages in Sumerian texts (cf.

This is not the only picture, however. 9 One may ascribe this situation to historical circumstances in which Enki temporarily gained preponderance over Enlil. Yet, Enki’s position in our text may also be a result of literary creativity. Enki was far better suitable for making a good entertaining story than Enlil; in comparison with Enki, Enlil was a rather brute and one-sided ruler, whereas Enki was colorful and possessed all the qualities needed to make an exiting story. He was able to look through Ninurta’s aspirations, even without being told a word.

We might perhaps expect: ba-r[a- . ]-gi16-ib!. . ” Cf. line 56 for the missing formula introducing direct speech. Line 59: The reading gu[ 7-g]u7 is based on collation by Alster (1972:121, n. 12). Reading mu-bi-im suggested by Th. Jacobsen, see Alster (1972:125). Line 57–60: For these lines, see the next section. The Naming Section In line 57, Kramer (1984) understood úug-gu7-gu7-@u10-u“, written u4gu7-gu7 in line 59, as a reference to a grotesque episode in the myth of Enki and Ninhursag (Attinger 1984), in which Enki becomes pregnant after eating some plants which, ultimately, were his own offspring.

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