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In Kambyses they saw the successor of Nebuchadnezzar and Nabonidos, and almost forgot that they were a conquered people. As soon as Kambyses became sole sovereign, Babylon necessarily took rank with Shushan and Ekbatana. It was the third centre of the great empire, and in later days the Persian monarchs were accustomed to make it their official residence during the winter season. It had, moreover, an advantage which Ekbatana and Shushan did not possess. It was the heir of an ancient civilisation and culture, and contained libraries which were filled with students and scribes.

Even the months according to also; the first month second Iyyar. The decipherment inscriptions has names given cleared up the by the Babylonians their months, and has thus explained, at the same time, the forms taken by these names in Jewish literature. ' Considering how closely connected were the names of the months with the transactions of every-day life, the adoption of their Babylonian event, and proved how ready Jewish captives were to forget fathers. In the Jewish the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah the' Chthubim,' or Hagiographa, immediately which the Old preceding the Testament is made to end.

Viii. 10). It was in the second year of Darius! c. 520), of month, Elul, the twenty-fourth or August, up the spirit of Zerubbabel the governor of Judah, and the spirit J osedech, the high-priest, and remnant of the the restoration people,' so that of the temple, permitted to go on with the work undisturbed we do not know. 1t u 1 Ezra iv. 24 i Haggai i. I ~. DATE OF COMPLETION OF THE TEMPLE. C. C. 518. c. 514). C. C. 515-14 that Darius could have ordered the search. C. S 17, when the authority of Darius was in great measure re-established throughout his empire.

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