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In the case of blood loss) Primarily affected by this are the fields of traumatology and gynaecology. All kinds of traumas give rise to acute Blood stasis, causing Blood to extravasate. Blood then either leaks from the wound, which can entail Blood deficiency, or it can accumulate under the skin and become a haematoma. Internal and menstrual bleeding should also be mentioned in this context. Depending on the severity of the Blood loss, Blood stasis can be generated. 8. Blood stasis due to exogenous Dryness or Yin deficiency Skin conditions and senile dementia often come into this category.

E. haemorheology. qxd 26/8/06 6:30 PM Page 14 14 THEORY AND BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE fluidity of different substances. Haemorheology, being a branch of biological medicine, investigates specifically the fluidity of blood and morphological changes of blood cells. In the past few years, research has shown that changes in blood and its constituents, for example blood viscosity, blood viscoelasticity, blood plasma viscosity, erythrocyte aggregation (gathering of red blood cells), plasticity of blood cells, thixotropy, fluidity of white blood cells, thrombocyte aggregation and adhesion (gathering, mutual attraction and rejection of blood platelets), all play a very important role in the appearance and development of many dangerous and chronic diseases associated with microcirculation.

Cornu Co. = Concha Cs. = Caulis Cx. = Cortex En. = Endothelium Ex. = Excrementum Fl. = Flos Fo. = Folium Fr. = Fructus Hb. = Herba Md. = Medulla Pc. = Pericarpium Ps. = Periostracum Rl. = Ramulus Rx. = Radix Rm. = Ramus Rh. = Rhizoma Se. = Semen Su. = Succus Tu. qxd 26/8/06 6:31 PM Page 25 Aetiology of Blood stasis in Chinese medicine 1. 1 Ischemic heart disease, sick sinus syndrome If Qi is blocked, Blood will also stagnate, so Blood stasis with Bi syndromes will gradually develop; if this is allowed to continue further, abdominal masses will also develop.

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