By Charles Margerison

Who was once the 1st lady to qualify as a physician? who's the one girl to have gained Nobel Prizes? discover those and different impressive tales in extraordinary girls. during this specified tale assortment from the fantastic humans membership, the genuine lives of iconic ladies together with Coco Chanel, Sojourner fact, Maria Montessori, Eva Peron and Helen Keller come to existence. comprehend their actual lives and demanding situations and be encouraged via what they did and the way they completed it. it is a must-read for each girl looking proposal. Meet many of the world's so much striking girls via BioViews®. A BioView® is a brief biographical tale, just like an interview. those distinct tales offer an effective way of studying approximately striking those who made significant contributions to our international and will assist you in achieving your goals on your trip via existence.

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My parents registered my name as Marya Salomee Sklodowska I was their fifth child, of five, born at the Freta Boarding School The apartment was part of my mother’s salary, as the Principal We lived in Warsaw, Poland, at that time occupied by the Russians My mother, a musician, and father, a mathematician, were patriots Despite this, we had to take in boarders to pay the bills Father had lost his job as a teacher Living in humble circumstances, we wanted our freedom For me, it came by way of science An unusual activity for a girl in those days My cousin, Jozef Boguski, encouraged my interest in science He was the Director of the Warsaw Museum and I did experiments there However, in Poland, access to university education in science was limited There were no places for females There was an underground ‘Floating University’ The name given to a network of people who taught each other We moved from one house to another and shared our knowledge To progress, it was necessary to go to another country My sister, Bronia, had left to study in Paris To assist her, I worked as a governess and sent her some money First with a lawyer’s family in Kraków, then for two years in Ciechanów There, I fell in love with Kazimierz Zorawski, the son of a relative We wanted to marry, but his family disapproved, as I was poor So, I moved to Sopot, in the north of Poland For a year, I was governess to the Fuchs family Working by day, studying by night and living on the minimum In the meantime, my sister married and invited me to Paris At the age of 25, I went to live with her before renting a garret © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 30 Amazing Women Marie Curie © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 31 Amazing Women Eventually, I gained entrance to Sorbonne University It was the start of my advanced studies in science Studying during the day, tutoring in the evening Qualifying in Mathematics during 1894 Later working at the Lippman Institute Hard work in an unfamiliar country Trying to understand in a foreign language Living in poor conditions Yet, determined to succeed Crystallography and magnetism were my initial interests I was also drawn by the magnetism of a quiet, rather shy, tutor Pierre Curie was his name He encouraged me to study the energy in iron ore It meant trying to isolate radioactive substances To do so required toiling over a giant vat of molten iron ore Hard work in a shed or the open air Little did I know that was a blessing The substances in the vat gave off a poisonous gas Through our interest in science, we talked about research The more we talked, the more I liked Pierre A chemistry of a different kind from that of our research A union of hearts, not just heads Before long, we were engaged and married in 1895 Pierre was 36 years of age and I was 28 It was also the start of a scientific partnership Happiness, after years in the wilderness of lonely endeavour Within a short time, I realised that I was pregnant Our daughter, Irene, was born in 1897 That was the year I gained my Physics Doctorate Head and heart, science and family, tout ensemble We had the energy and ideas to pursue science into new areas Working in what a colleague described as ‘a stable or potato cellar’ The temperature in winter fell below zero We searched for the frontier of radioactivity Others were doing the same In 1896, Becquerel accidentally discovered radioactivity Our studies built on this through interesting applications ‘Pitchblende’ does not sound too exciting © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 32 Amazing Women But, working with it, I saw the future Radium and polonium were detected in 1898 The latter was named by me after Poland Magic material, but what could we do with it?

In 1841, I proposed the Female Immigrant’s Home Governor Gipps and his wife gave their support Despite opposition from others, we pressed ahead I gained access to some old barracks It provided shelter for 96 girls supported by public subscription We ran the only free employment agency in Sydney Gaining jobs for the girls was how I made space for newcomers On my white horse, called Captain, I rode around asking for support Visits to the bush enabled me to find places of work for my girls Within a year, I was able to close the home for girls As new people arrived, I was able to place them into work Robert Towns gave me land to settle 23 families However, an application to the Government for more land was rejected During the 1840s, I was able to help about 14,000 people More needed to be done Political reform was required to improve conditions for immigrants © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 26 Amazing Women Therefore, in 1846, I set sail for London with my husband Power over the Sydney colony resided 10,000 miles away On our long voyage, I had time to reflect Convict ships had ceased, and more free settlers were arriving Therefore, it was important to assist them They were the future of the great land ‘downunder’ On arrival, I met with politicians They arranged for me to meet influential people In speeches to the House of Lord’s Committee, I outlined the issues Some improvements were made to encourage family emigration That was better than individuals roaming the streets of Sydney Also, help needed to be given to young immigrants Particularly young women, some of whom turned to prostitution In 1849, the Family Colonisation Loan Society was established Charles Dickens gave me his support and promoted its work A ship owner, W.

After the funeral, Patsy, the Master’s daughter came to see me She was the only person who really knew my secret Her sister, Mary, had died in 1804, aged 26 Patsy had been in France, albeit at a convent school She understood the relationship between me and her father Particularly when we returned to the plantation © Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club 58 Amazing Women Especially, when I became pregnant Occasionally, she would say something in French We shared a special bond between us A secret way of communicating important things However, we never talked about my relationship That was only a matter for me and the Master At our meeting, Patsy had tears in her eyes ‘My father asked me to give you your time,’ she said She handed me a letter written by the Master It was a form of retirement for slaves The letter allowed me to continue living in Virginia So, it was that I moved to a house in Charlottesville Once again, the Master had made the arrangements I had plenty of time to reflect and remember My life as a slave on a plantation and as a lady in Paris Learning how to speak French, plus read and write A sparkling time, meeting royalty and the nobility Returning to Virginia to be a slave mother The mother of the President’s children An amazing life with an amazing man.

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