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What is so "Great" approximately Alexander? examine this notorious chief and discover.

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To possess understanding – and nothing else mattered if a man lacked that – the king had most of all to achieve a victory over himself. A king who won that battle would then put in place a political rule that suited the condition of his population. Because he excelled above everyone else, he would not create a state based on equality and governed by the citizens. With his surpassing excellence and power, he was literally incomparable and therefore by the demands of natural justice must remain in charge of everyone and everything.

Although this child was an infant and a girl, Olympias had her killed; she then forced Cleopatra to take her own life. The sources say that Alexander was upset at these deaths, but they also say that he then moved to kill all of Cleopatra’s male relatives. After the murder of possible heirs, Alexander and his mother had to worry about their grieving family seeking revenge. No man could rule the Macedonians merely on the strength of his ancestry and the elimination of other heirs. Alexander’s claim to the throne depended on recognition and approval from the Macedonian army.

These were elite, highly trained soldiers, famous for their courage and a combat ethos based on unit cohesion and the complete willingness of each soldier to die for his comrades; some said that the Theban Band consisted of pairs of lovers who fought side-by-side. The whole Theban army had been battle-tested in the long Sacred War, and the Sacred Band were the best of this veteran army. Philip’s right flank, facing the citizen-soldiers from Athens, pretended to retreat. The Athenians moved forward too quickly, 28 – Opportunities and Risks as a Teenager (340s to 338 BC) – allowing a gap to appear in their line between themselves and the Thebans.

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