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When cultivated area is expanded through new settlements, it can also lead to ecological stress (see chapter 5). Forests may be removed, and if the resulting agricultural use is not consistent with the ecological characteristics of the area, it may soon turn into wasteland. This happened in Brazil in the mideighties, when forests were cleared to promote agricultural operations under the influence of incentives provided by government policy but the fragile ecosystems of the Amazon could not sustain agricultural operations.

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In general, the demands do not add up to the projected expenditure, that is: Also in general, the implied calorie intake would not add up to the projected calorie intake C, that is, with q the calorific value of ;th commodity: d. Find a vector {d} such that the weighted distance between {d} and {d} is min imized subject to the conditions that the total expenditure on {q} equals th given total expenditure e and the calorie content of {d} adds up to C. e. Vector {d} is the per capita projected demand.

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