By Westerlund, D.

This comparative and ancient paintings offers wealthy fabric on faith and ailment etiologies between 5 African peoples (San, Maasai, Sukuma, Kongo and Yoruba) and discusses attainable purposes for a massive shift from non secular beings reminiscent of deities to dwelling people like witches as brokers of illness.

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Schapera 1930: 31–38. 12 The following introductory notes on the culture of the San, as well as on the Maasai, Sukuma, Kongo and Yoruba later on, will not be documented in detail. These notes are included here primarily for the service of those readers who are not specialists in African cultural studies. g. Schapera 1930; Hirschberg 1975; and Smith et al. g. Marshall 1976, Lee 1984, Guenther 1986 and Guenther 1999. An introductory account of western writings on the San is found in an article by Guenther (1980), whose title, ‘From “Brutal Savages” to “Harmless People”’, neatly summarizes the conclusions of the article.

Whereas Europeans controlled the bureaucratic and industrial institutions, Africans provided unskilled and semiskilled labour. In the 1960s the independent nations of Zaire and Congo were established. Today the majority of the Kongo people live in the province of Lower Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire and, before that, Belgian Congo). Smaller groups live in the Republic of Congo (previously the French colony of Moyen Congo) and in Cabinda, a detached part of Angola (formerly a Portuguese colony).

Mukongo), produced many written accounts of the indigenous culture and religion. The best known and most prolific of these Swedish missionaries was Karl Laman. Established in 1885, the Congo Free State favoured a policy of assimilation of the Congolese to the same civil status as Europeans while, as of 1908, the Belgian Congo with its policy of ‘indirect rule’ created a more plural society divided between African and European sectors. Whereas Europeans controlled the bureaucratic and industrial institutions, Africans provided unskilled and semiskilled labour.

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