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It is assumed that the plant might be day-neutral at the intermediate temperature, although an intermediate day requirement cannot be eliminated. Of course this category is very interesting, with only limited examples. 20 THE FLOWERING PROCESS B. Most qualitative or absolute requirement at high temperature. 'SMI ( a ) Low temperature : quantitative. CO *(|) (b) Low temperature: day-neutral. •o 0)φ (c) Low temperature: response changes. c above, but it is conceivable that a plant might have an absolute requirement for short-days (or long-days) at high temperature and a qualitative response to long-days (or shortdays) at low temperature.

As collections were made farther and farther north, longer days were required to induce flowering. Even though all of his samples belong to the same taxonomic species, they were genetically different and very accurately adapted to the region in which they were found. In recent years, other studies of this type have been made with increasing frequency. Workers at the North Carolina Experiment Station (62), for example, have studied more than 30 species and varieties of cotton (Gossypium) under a combination of day-lengths and temperatures.

With five cycles this error is reduced to about 20 min. Response to day-length implies directly a measurement of time. FIGURE 3-5 Day-length and time of sunrise at various latitudes as a function of time during the year. Only the dotted curve shows true day-length (60° latitude), the others show sunrise times. The difference is slight and can probably be ignored. The latitudes shown pass near the following geographic locations: 30° latitude, New Orleans, Cairo; 40° latitude, Denver, Philadelphia, Madrid, the " heel " of Italy; 50° latitude, Vancouver, Winnipeg, the southern tip of England, Frankfurt; 60° latitude, Anchorage, southern tip of Greenland, Oslo, Helsinki.

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