By International Code Council, Douglas W. Thornburg, John R. Henry

An easy-to-use visible advisor to the 2015 foreign construction Code

Thoroughly revised to mirror the overseas Code Council’s 2015 foreign construction Code®, this full-color consultant makes it effortless to appreciate and follow advanced IBC® provisions and accomplish compliance. With an emphasis on structural and hearth- and life-safety requisites, this useful source has been designed to save lots of time and cash. The 2015 overseas construction Code® Illustrated Handbook presents all of the info you must get development jobs performed correct, on time, and as much as the necessities of the 2015 IBC. entry to a set of on-line bonus gains is integrated with the book.

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There may be a case for the bonding of patio doors, which could be considered earthy with rain running from the lower portion to the earth. However, once again the part most likely to be touched is the sliding section, to which it is not possible to bond. In any case there would need to be another simultaneously accessible part to warrant considering any bonding. 4 Q: What about bonding in bathrooms? A: Bathrooms are particularly hazardous areas with regard to shock risk, as body resistance is drastically reduced when wet.

Figure 18 shows one half-cycle of short-circuit current if there were no protection. 7071 × maximum value) is called the prospective short-circuit current. The cut-off point is where the short-circuit current is interrupted and an arc is formed; the time t1 taken to reach this point is called the pre-arcing time. After the current has been cut off, it falls to zero as the arc is being extinguished. The time t2 is the total time taken to disconnect the fault. During the time t1 , the protective device is allowing energy to pass through to the load side of the circuit.

This is perhaps answered best by means of question and answer examples: 1 Q: Why do I need to bond the hot and cold taps and a metal sink together? Surely they are all joined anyway? A: In most sinks the holes for connection of the taps are usually surrounded by a plastic insert which tends to insulate the taps from the sink. The sink is a large metallic part which could be ‘earthy’, the hot and cold taps are both parts of different 42 Earthing systems. These, therefore, could be extraneous conductive parts and may need to be bonded together, although there is no specific requirement in BS 7671 to do this.

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